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Friends, Romans, Readers, Lend Me Your Ears

To mark my three month blogiversary, I’d like to pick your brains if you don’t mind? Ask me a question; any question. (Though please remember – there are women and children present).

Perhaps you’d like to know how I got that funny little scar in the middle of my forehead? Maybe you want to ask how on earth a crazy person like me got Freshly Pressed? Would you like to discover what it is like to live in England, or have four brothers, or how I cope with being unemployed and somewhat unbalanced? Does my husband Tony really want to name our first-born son Mister T?

If you’re a member of his fan club, then maybe you’re wondering why I keep picking on Justin Bieber? How on earth did I recover from Tiny Tearsgate?  What possessed me to share my diaries with the world?

The possibilities are endless. Ask me anything – apart from how I bagged my husband. I honestly have no idea. 

My favourite question or questions will feature in a future post and/or receive a fancy schmancy made-up award, courtesy of me and my mate PowerPoint.  

Happeeeeeeeee three month blogiversary, tooooo meeeeeeeeeeeee!! Where’s my cake?

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  • http://mylifeisgrowing.wordpress.com SweetP

    Happy blogversary!!! I’ve passed 6 months, and passed my 200th post, amazing how time flies!

    • http://jessseeker.wordpress.com jessseeker

      200? Wow! Go you! Keep up the great work! 🙂

  • http://www.diatribesandovations.com DiatribesAndOvations.com

    Congratulations! I just finished my first year of my one-post-per-day commitment. http://diatribesandovations.com/2012/03/23/ovation-diatribesandovations-first-blogiversary/
    Keep up the good work. It gets even more addicting!

    • http://jessseeker.wordpress.com jessseeker

      Congrats to you too! Loving your blog! Keep spreading those smiles. 🙂

  • http://chanceofsun.wordpress.com Arizona girl

    I like this idea! I would like to know how you got to be so quirky with such a great sense of humor and a refreshing way of looking at the world (and a great way of sharing it with the rest of us). Did it have to do with being the only girl with 4 brothers? Is it because you’re British? Does that scar on your head mean something? 🙂

    I’ve said this before – I love reading your blog! Keep up the good work, congratulations on your success up to now, and Happy Blogivesary!

    Chocolate cake?

  • http://www.marianne365days.wordpress.com Marianne

    You asked for a question, and here comes one: is it still illegal to snog in pubs in England?

    • http://jessseeker.wordpress.com jessseeker

      Whaaaaat? It was once illegal? Surely not. Outrageous! I am pleased to report – it is no longer illegal. Great question! Thank you!

      In York though (technically) it is perfectly legal to shoot a Scotsman with a crossbow. I’m pretty sure no-one has tested it for a few hundred years though and I wouldn’t recommend it.

      • http://www.marianne365days.wordpress.com Marianne

        I was 19 years old and madly in love with a British guy. It was all very decent, just a bit of snogging. First we got a warning, then thrown out of the pub while the pub lord referred to the law. It happened in Surrey, and our “love” didn’t survive the pub incident, :). Now I understand why my friend Katie married a Swedish guy, and moved to Stockholm. She didn’t feel safe, :).

  • http://littlemissobsessivesanatomy.wordpress.com littlemissobsessivesanatomy

    oki tricky question…what gets wet the more it dries.. ? 😉
    happy Blogivesary 😀
    i love your sense of humor…reading your blogs after along day is always fun..

    • http://jessseeker.wordpress.com jessseeker

      H’mmm, that’s a good one. I shall have a think and get back to you!

      Thank you! You say the nicest things! 🙂

    • http://jessseeker.wordpress.com jessseeker

      I’ve got it! I’ve got it!! (I hope!) A TOWEL!!! ??? Oh I do hope I got it right. 😀

      • http://littlemissobsessivesanatomy.wordpress.com littlemissobsessivesanatomy

        well done my friend… 🙂
        you are absolutely right …!!

        • http://jessseeker.wordpress.com jessseeker

          I’d feel very pleased with myself if it hadn’t taken me two days! 😉 Great question – thanks! 🙂

  • http://islandmonkeys.wordpress.com Sandra Parsons

    Ok, I’ve got one. How come you English folks consider crisps (what the rest of the English-speaking world calls chips) an integral part of a healthy lunch?

    Actually this was going to be one of my rants but I can’t really think about food too much at the moment. Would you give the question some thought on my behalf? Pretty please?

  • http://jusmeh.wordpress.com jusmeh

    My dear,

    I have many questions for you (not too sure if this breaks any rules). Feel free to answer just one.

    Where do you find the inspiration to write your blogs? What was it like to be Freshly Pressed? Did you undertake any extra writing studies or is this just a natural talent?

    • http://jessseeker.wordpress.com jessseeker

      No rules whatsoever, so I shall endeavour to answer them all for you! Here goes:

      I find inspiration in the most random of places. A young girl on the bus turned to her mother several weeks ago and said “Mummy, when I grow up, I want to be a tomato”. Well, I couldn’t let that one go – so the girl’s genius ended up inspiring a post. Last week I nearly inadvertently crippled myself by walking 3 miles in 4 inch heels. That inspired my post “This season, I shall mostly be wearing heels”. The frequent dumb things I do often inspire me and occasionally my friends or family suggest something I should write about too.

      I felt like I’d won an Oscar when I was Freshly Pressed! There were actual tears! I squealed a lot too! Obviously my hits went through the roof for about a week, but the lasting legacy is the additional followers I managed to accumulate. I heart the WordPress Gremlins!

    • http://jessseeker.wordpress.com jessseeker

      Oh and I do have a degree in English, though that was literature, not language-based, so involved almost no creative writing whatsoever. I wrote for my University newspaper and I’ve kept diaries on and off since I was twelve. I think they helped!

      Great questions! Thanks! 😀

    • http://jessseeker.wordpress.com jessseeker

      Hello again! I have just written a new post to answer your question “Where do you find the inspiration to write your blog posts?” Hope you like it! 🙂


  • http://lynliam.wordpress.com lynliam

    Hi Jess, greetings from Scotland

    Great blog!! i read it each night before bed with a nice cuppa and a biscuit, anyway my questions is:

    as your unemployed, if you could have any job (other than famous/rich blogger/novelist) what job would you really want to do?



  • http://lostgenygirl.wordpress.com Kayla Cruz

    First of all your writing is awesome. I started writing about three months ago and today my mom came into my room frantic saying that I’m putting out too much personal info for everyone to see. I told her, “yea, that’s the point”. So given that you share your life with us, are you ever concerned about creepers? Any advice for a new blogger?

    • http://jessseeker.wordpress.com jessseeker

      Thank you! That is indeed the point! 😀 You are absolutely right! I don’t give creepers a second thought!

      My tips would be: Write well, write often, be unique, write about what you know; be you, try to make your blog look pretty (that’s something I’m currently working on myself) and ENJOY it! 🙂

  • http://ramblingsandrumblings.wordpress.com speaker7

    Congratulations! In honor of your monthversary, I will ask you a simple question: Was Justin Beiber invented in a lab or by more natural methods?


  • http://momwhearingloss.wordpress.com momwhearingloss

    Congrats on your blogiversary. I’m into my sixth month of blogging! I do love blogging and Iove reading other people’s blogs. I don’t really have a system with my blog – I just write things that come to my mind – could be about family, funny things that happen, poems etc. My question is: is there any rhyme or reason to your blog – in other words do you actively plan what your blog is going to be like or is it go as you go sort-a-thing. Your humour always cracks me up!

    • http://jessseeker.wordpress.com jessseeker

      Why thank you! I certainly didn’t ever plan anything when I first started blogging, though I have learnt in time to keep a notebook handy at all times, as ideas spring to mind in the most unlikely of places – like the bus, or in an elevator. Most inconvenient if you can’t write them down!

      That said, I certainly don’t have a particular thread. Hence “Random ramblings about the stuff and the thing”! Keep up the great work!

  • http://childhoodrelived.wordpress.com Angie Z.

    Happy anniversary! Can I claim to have discovered you, you know, considering I proclaimed my love for this blog before you were Freshly Pressed? I like to feel I had everything to do with everyone’s happiness in life.

    Why do Brits wear paper crowns on their heads during Christmas? Is this something St. Nick wore? A replica of the tissue paper crowns worn by the magi? Do you get cracker crumbs in you hair? Did this start out as a dare? This and always this is what I’ve most wanted to ask you.

    • http://jessseeker.wordpress.com jessseeker

      You most definitely can! I loved your reference to my “Brit-speak”. It made my day!

      As for your crown question…I honestly have no idea, but I shall investigate. Am pleased to report I have never suffered with cracker crumbs in my hair. Just jaffa cakes. 😉

    • http://jessseeker.wordpress.com jessseeker

      Angie, I wish I could have included this question in my new video, but I’d already filmed it by that point. Devastated. Please forgive me – I still love you.


      • http://childhoodrelived.wordpress.com Angie Z.

        I will try to move on somehow. My head says get over it but my heart can’t forget.

  • http://thegingerbreadcafe.wordpress.com gingerbreadcafe

    I love your blog, but I don’t think I can come up with such great questions as your American readers have! I have no idea why we wear paper crowns at Christmas!

    • http://jessseeker.wordpress.com jessseeker

      Aww, thank you! I’m glad I’m not the only one who doesn’t know… research is in order, methinks… 🙂

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  • http://fromthepews.org From The Pews

    I have sorely missed your Blog!
    Been away from Technology and could not keep up.

    Needless to say, I have much reading to do.

    So, my question is simple.
    Hmmm, Questions rather!

    Which is your Post and Why?

    Which is the one that you poured your heart into?

    Which is the one you regret, no…you wish you had perhaps worded differently or not at all??

    Will you ever consider a Fringe aka Bangs again???

    Love Your Work ♥♥

    • http://jessseeker.wordpress.com jessseeker

      Welcome back! I have missed you too! 🙂

      Gosh! So many questions. Let me see…
      My favourite post has to be I Really Should Have Thought This Through as it got me Freshly Pressed! Though I’m also pretty proud of Pearls of Wisdom Just for You (You’re Welcome). They are both silly and generally very me.

      I really poured my heart into Wait Til You See My Smile because it was the first time I’d ever written openly about living with diabetes. I wanted to be honest, but put a light hearted spin on something that in truth – can be difficult to live with. Fortunately I received lots of very kind and lovely words from fellow diabetics as a result. Well worth it. 🙂

      I would never post anything I thought was completely awful, but I definitely believe there is room for improvement on everything I write! I did once delete a post entirely, after posting. But ssshh, it’s a secret.

      I would never say never to a fringe, but this time I would most definitely leave it to the professionals! 😉

      Great questions! You are blinkin’ marvellous 🙂

      • http://fromthepews.org From The Pews

        You know, I just came back to this post of yours and I could swear that it was titled lend me your Rears 😕


        See what you do to one??

        Luv Your Work, Woman ♥

  • http://randomnessandfun.wordpress.com randomnessandfun

    Hey just finding my way round here been on here approx 5 hours in total lol and found your blog this has made me giggle a fair bit tonight so I’ve no doubts I will be following you from now x

    • http://jessseeker.wordpress.com jessseeker

      Well hello Randomness! Welcome to the madhouse! 🙂 If you’re totally new to WordPress then you may wish to check out my vlogging debut. I used it to answer some if the above questions, including blogging tips – should you want any. 😀 If you like my ramblings, then you’ll probably also appreciate Childhood Relived and Ramblings and Rumblings. They are quite brilliant!


      • Anonymous

        Hey yeah total newbie il check it out and have a read and il check out there blogs too just having a random look around

  • http://jusmeh.wordpress.com/ Jusmeh

    How did you come about to being Freshly Pressed on WordPress? I tend to think I write some pretty awesome stuff (I have a bias) – but am not getting anywhere near enough attention as so adamently deserve! 🙂