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When Did This Happen and Why Didn’t I Get the Memo?


Overlooking the glaringly obvious – like the fact I am a twenty-nine year old married graduate, with a mortgage and interest in current affairs, it hadn’t dawned on me until recently that I’m actually now a grown-up. When on earth did this happen and why didn’t anyone tell me?

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Life Before Facebook


Does anyone else remember life before Facebook? It was such a simple time: Poking resulted in bruising. You didn’t have 367 friends you never talk to. No one knew, or cared what you ate for lunch. They still don’t care.

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“Wax on, Wax off” and Other Words of Wisdom from the Silver Screen


Along with my house keys, odd socks and random bits of fluff – I often find wisdom in the most unlikely of places:

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Give Peas a Chance


Meet Goldie. Like me, she is one of five children. Along with her siblings – Blackberry, Snow White, Custard and Silvery, she resides in a bijou waterlogged glass-fronted apartment in the posh part of Watford. She is a lifelong supporter of Brighton and Hove Albion, though is yet to attend any football matches at their home ground due to mobility issues.

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This Is Just So Unexpected…


Having spent so many years being overlooked, underappreciated and totally misunderstood (that’s my defence and I’m sticking with it) imagine my surprise and delight when this humble blog of mine was actually nominated for something fabulous. It was just so unexpected! So I danced like a rock star to celebrate.

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Excellent News! Nobody’s Perfect


I have four brothers. The eldest – Oliver, selfishly made life particularly difficult for the rest of us growing up, by being so goddamn brilliant. How rude. While I struggled to make a three legged cat from Stickle Bricks, he built the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World using matchsticks and wood glue. His Hanging Gardens of Babylon were particularly stupendous.

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I Was Young and Needed the Money


I was made redundant today, a scary prospect to say the least. To mark the occasion (aside from the obligatory job hunting) I thought I’d take stock of what I’ve learnt so far in my fourteen years of employment. Please remember, I was young and needed the money:

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Train Etiquette for those Less Travelled


I feel that I’ve learnt a lot about train etiquette on this brief four and a half hour journey. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think it goes a little something like this: Before you purchase your ticket – ensure you smell of feet.

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10 Things Children Know (and Grown Ups have Forgotten)


Childhood can be so stressful. Mine was no exception: I got a splinter the size of a llama in my left pinky. My brother Chris drew freckles on my hobby horse in indelible ink. I once forgot to wear cycling shorts under my summer dress at school, so when practising handstands – inadvertently flashed my knickers at all the boys.

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